Future Projects

Ahh, future projects. Renovation is such a sickness but I cannot wait to see what we can do together.

Phase II is all about the outside. We sit on 1 1/2 acres of neglected grounds. We have many trees and shrubbery that needs to be cleared out and more trees that need to grow in other areas of our yard. We’re also planning a paver stone patio with a pergala, possibly attached to the house for some much needed shade. The building of this may take much longer since Phase III is most important so I hope we just clean out, plant plenty of trees and paint it in a gray color scheme. I would have considered blue but our neighbors Cape is blue.

No beds and lots of weeds

Lots of over growing and because of not enough light, those flowers never bloomed. My neighbors have a nice yard so ripping out the shrubbery/trees won’t be missed.

We need more trees to block out the apartments behind us, move 2 large piles of debris and relocating of some pretty blooming flowers.

We’d ripout all these bushes and put in a pergola with a pavor patio maybe with a fire pit and a pool?

Maybe like this but longer and a bigger patio area since we have the space.

For our Phase III renovation, we are planning a full master suite on our second floor, including a bathroom where one doesn’t exit and a walk-in close with a small office area. This also includes a full gut and renovation of our downstairs bathroom (maybe) since we’ll need to run the plumbing through it.

This is amazing, can you imagine it in the space?


We currently use our second floor space as storage and it was previously 2 bedrooms. Everyone loves this space as it’s a real time capsule from the 60s with the real wood paneling.

These don’t show the second room or the size. Time capsule, huh?

Our living room needs better lighting so we hope to put in some pot lights (Cree LED seems to be the nicest of the bunch) we also need to buy some bedroom furniture. We also want to upgrade the garage a bit to be sure Paul can work on his race car passion and keep our cars maintained. More electrical to do for a compressor and all those bells n whistles. I wonder how many years this will all really take.

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