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Electrical Fail

We get our electrical rough-in inspection. We don’t pass but it’s not all bad. Continue reading

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Cabinets, faucet and inspection..

We have a firm delivery date for our Ikea cabinets, pick up our faucet at Lowes, and prepare for the electrical rough-in inspection. Continue reading

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Running wiring in existing walls

I give some tips on installing outlets and running electrical wiring though existing walls and cutting into plaster over drywall. Continue reading

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Roughing in the electrical.. one step closer.

Our renocation is over so it’s back to work. We do more electrical wiring and save a meatloaf gone bad. Continue reading

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Small update on plumbing and color scheme..

We try to decide on what color to paint the walls given the colors of everything else in the kitchen. Continue reading

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Plumbing woes

A floor joist is in the way of our plumbing and we ponder our alternatives. Continue reading

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We start roughing in the electricity and discuss our lighting choices. Continue reading

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Walls: DONE! Onto electrical and plumbing.

We finish up our stud walls (w00t!), update our plumbing plans with the township, took delivery of our dishwasher, and went shopping for most of the electrical stuff. Wow what a day! Continue reading

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Walls… Day 12

The wall building continues. We get our math on and discuss some of the finer points of building walls. In addition, we discover a problem with our plumbing plan. Continue reading

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Ordered cabinets… lots of measuring

We take a diversion trip to Ikea to order our cabinets and enjoy some Swedish meatballs. Our measuring tapes get quite a workout building walls for our kitchen and the house beats us up a little. Continue reading

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