Installing the dishwasher

Last Saturday after our guests left it wasn’t late enough to go to bed. So we decided to install the dishwasher – Bosch Integra 500 series.
Reading dishwasher instructions
It’s pretty straightforward but there is a lot of prep work like hooking up the hoses, wiring, moving brackets. We also had to extend the feet almost all the way up since our counter sits a little higher than standard.
Reading dishwasher directions 2
Installing dishwasher hose

A little bit of Egg Nog

We *may* have been drinking egg nog while installing the dishwasher

Another thing I had to do was add some wood to the side of the dishwasher opening. Because it abuts a wall, the opening was a little bit wider than the usual 24″. The side needed to be built up so that I could attach the brackets on the side of the dishwasher to something.
Spacers on side of dishwasher opening

Spacers on side of dishwasher

With that done there was one thing left to do before pushing it back into it’s spot, drill holes in the cabinet for the hoses (one lower for the water/wire through and one higher for the drain to create a ‘high loop’)
Drilling holes

Drilling holes

One thing I should share with everyone is the cable we used to plug in the dishwasher. Traditionally dishwashers are hardwired. But it is becoming more commonplace to require the dishwasher be connected via plug and cord. Our electrical inspector required it. It may also be because the dishwasher shares it’s circuit with the refrigerator. Anyway I had to do a little searching around for the proper cable. It needs to be 14 gauge and have loose leads at one end. A lot of small appliance cables are actually 16 gauge. I found one at Home Depot.

Finally we were able to push it back in place. This is where we stopped for the night.
Dishwasher in

Sunday I began by leveling the dishwasher out. The back needed to go down a lot. Luckily my little magnetic level stuck to the door, despite it being stainless steel. Must be a low grade. It took a few glances at the instructions to tell that you were supposed to place the level against the door. That picture was a little funny. After it was level and plumb I installed the screws to lock it in place. Then Irene and I headed out for some breakfast and to get a different kind of plumbing trap. The first one I got had a little drain plug, but other wise glued together. It ended up a little too low in the cabinet to be useful. So I exchanged it for one with a union. This is what the plumbing looked like all hooked up.
Drain plumbing installed

Later that night, while running the dishwasher for the first time, I installed the doors on the sink base.
Doors under sink installed

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