Appliances Go Back In

What a week 11 it has been. We moved our oven in on the night the counter tops were installed. That wasn’t as straight forward as we would have liked. The opening was tight, despite giving myself an extra 1/8″. It must have gotten taken up by the counters. Then the range didn’t slide far enough back. The electrical cord was in the way. We tried just pushing the cord down and sliding it back but it didn’t work. The problem was that the cord came out and went up, the plug is a 90° kind. I looked online to see if we could get a straight type but they only make 90° versions. Then I searched for ways I might be able to turn the socket sideways. It turns out you can take apart the socket and put it back together sideways! So that took another half hour.

Even after rotating the outlet the cord still wasn’t cooperating. It took a lot of wrangling but eventually we slid it all the way in! While dealing with the electrical cord issue we also noticed the range top was lower than the counter surface by about 3/4″. So we had to jack all the feet up. After what taking 10 times longer than I thought it would it was in and looking good.

Stove installed

Wednesday night I put the faucet in. It went uneventfully.
Installing faucet
Installing faucet 2

Thursday, Thanksgiving day, Irene worked in the morning and then we had dinner with my family. We moved in the refrigerator that night! I just had to run the water line icemaker. It all went smoothly and no leaks!
Fridge installed

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3 Responses to Appliances Go Back In

  1. Apriltini says:

    It’s looking so nice. Great job guys!

  2. Debbie Winterstein says:

    We have the same problem with the plug for our stove causing it to stick out farther than I’d like. Where did you find the instructions on changing the cord to a sideways one? I’d like to do that when we renovate so it sits back farther than it does now.

  3. Paul says:

    Deb, I didn’t find any instructions online per-say. This is the receptacle I have. If you unscrew the receptacle and look at the back, there are two screws that hold the black part to the metal plate. Undo those two screws and you will be able to separate the black part from the metal part. You can then turn the black part 90 degrees in either direction and reattach it with the screws. I had to detach the wires to do this.

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