Today is the big day and really completes the kitchen even without appliances in place.

DuPont Zodiaq ‘Meteor Grey’ – it’s an engineered quartz made with 25% post-consumer recycled content. It is also is certified by organizations such as GreenGuard, NAHB, US Council for Green Building, SBIC, learn more here

Before the installer left – 12 hour for glue to try, no bleach ever, clean it 2 times before putting food on it and Clorox Green Works gives it a nice shine but just a little soap and water will be fine for most cleaning.

As a side note, a lot of people install the sink before the counter and hook up the plumbing. He said in the last year, we were the first ones who didn’t have it all hooked up. I don’t know how people do it because it’s supported by the countertop.

Morning of installation

Above the dishwasher, soon enough dirty dishes go there!

Biggest slab is in!

Woo! The sink!

All in, wow

DuPont Zodiaq 'Meteor Grey'

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4 Responses to Countertops!

  1. Apriltini says:

    It looks great! Can’t wait to see it all completed, and I’m sure you guys are super excited.

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Paul and Renie – Your kitchen is looking great! I’m happy to hear that Zodiaq® worked well for this space in your home. Feel free to share you pictures of your new countertops on our Facebook page at Our fans would love to see them! Christine from DuPont

  3. Susan says:

    It looks amazing! Did you have any difficulties with the zodiaq counter depth being too thin? I’ve read that the Domsjo requires 1.5″ countertops and we’ve already ordered our zodiaq counters, so I’m relieved to see that others have made it work.

  4. Irene says:

    all kinds of stone are sold in 2cm and 3cm thickness. It is common for earthquake regions/west in general for it to be 2cm thick but then there will be a plywood backing. While if you are in the South/East Coast and Midwest, you generally will get 3cm or 1 1/4″ thickness.
    We bought our countertop through a 3rd party vendor at Ikea during the sale. No one was worried this wasn’t going to work with the 3cm thickness and the men who came to install are use to installing these sinks.
    There is a lengthy thread about this on ikea fans. 4th page Chuck responded I hope you find this helpful. I wouldn’t worry at all 🙂

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