Sunday.. lots of shopping and truck rental.

We’ve now been doing this for a week! Today was our biggest day.

We started out a little late since we were at the Luau long into the night. Hehe. Good times. Today we shopped! In order to get home all of our supplies, we needed a truck.

Lowe’s has a nice rental program. $20 for 75 minutes. We live exactly 2 miles away so we had time to spare. We bought 7 mold resistant drywall panels, 6 foam insulation boards, 28 2×3 studs, 3 pieces of plywood to even out the floor, screws, corner paper, adhesive and tuck tape for the foamboard, a 4 foot level, a drywall square AND a Bosch dishwasher!

That’s a lot of stuff!

The dishwasher is a Bosch Integra 500 Series – we got it for 20% off, w00t! This thing is 47dba and so quiet that it has lights that shine on the floor to tell you when it’s running LOL there is also a timer on it to tell you how much longer… I’m VERY excited.

We finished up our day by fixing the floor underlayment. The previous owner put a layer of 1/4 paneling (its not plywood, almost like a thick cardboard) over the original asbestos tile. BUT the tile didn’t go under the cabinets, and neither did the paneling. Yesterday we took one piece of paneling up, but it was a lot of work. We decided we would leave the existing underlayment and put the new floor over them. All I had to do was fill in the empty spaces where the cabinets were and the one piece we took out. This was accomplished with 11/32″ plywood where the cabinets were and 1/4″ plywood for the piece of underlayment we removed. Paul was a little concerned because he only had a tape measure to figure out what thickness we needed…

After a lot of measuring, we got to installing! Paul did the first piece where our new pantry/fridge will go and I got to do the rest. The heights worked out perfectly.

And that’s it for Sunday! Tomorrow, Day 8, will be about taking the plaster off of the 2 outside walls, installing foam board insulation and getting started on our stud walls.

The reason we are building the stud walls is to make room for the electrical & plumbing vent. We have cinder block exterior walls from the footings to the roof. Firing strips are attached to the cinder block so that leaves little space, maybe 3/4 inches between the wall and the cinder block. The block is very wavey so it is less than half an inch in a lot of spots. Not deep enough for an the box your outlet goes into. They actually chiseled away the cinder block to make room for these “device boxes” when the house was built. Paul didn’t want to do the same, or mess with armored cable. The 2×3 stud wall will give us the space to meet electrical code for protection of the wires.

This type of construction also limits us on our insulation options. We seriously considered spray foam because of the problems of the waviness but most people won’t do a job this small and the DIY kit was $400 – foam with tuck tape and adhesive was $140. We weren’t sure what we’d get and if we’d ever really get to other walls in our house. We have no plans for taking down anything except the bathroom in a few years. Our exterior wall cavities are open to the basement and the attic to allow them to breathe. That is how they did moisture control back in the day. There is no insulation in the exterior walls. The best thing we can do is to insulate the attic very well (on the to do list) and make sure our windows/doors are good (new as of last year). It doesn’t pay off for our space unless we want to lose square footage.

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