Rounding out week 10…

10 weeks or 70 days we’ve been at this.

Last Monday we put all of the drawers in and doors on the base cabinets. They needed to be installed for the templaters who were coming on Tuesday. Adjusting drawers and doors is not very much fun but the directions are straight forward.

Installing Drawers

Tuesday the counter top company came to do their thing (truthfully, I have no idea what company they are because they say their name so fast lol). We brought in the sink on Monday night since we were told it must be on site. Paul figured they would know how to handle this sink since they contract with Ikea. When the guy came to template he took a quick look at the sink and said “ok, I know what to do for that”. LOL We had to bring the sink in on a furniture dolly since it weighs 126lbs.

Templaters are Coming

Wednesday we got to putting in the drawers, shelves, and doors in the pantry.

Building the pantry, Drawer slides installed.

Pantry drawers in

All drawers and shelves in

Doors attached

Pantry door attached

Pantry with all doors attached, today we noticed it was upside down

Paul started out the weekend on Friday buying lots of things we need to finish up: wood for the window stools and to finish the trim to the left of the dishwasher, router bits for the window stool, an adapter and some clips for the icemaker line, and covers for the radiator pipes. He then shut power off to the whole house so he could hook up the wires for the stove inside out service panel, which included replacing the breaker. Then he started installing the ceiling fan and worked on it until the very moment we had to leave for the evening. We didn’t get a lot accomplished since we had tickets to see Harry Potter in IMAX along and dinner with a friend. The movie was good – it stuck to the first part of the book so it went a bit slow lol.

Covers for the floor

Paul puts up celining fan motor and support

Paul putting up the ceiling fan motor before we leave for Harry Potter

Saturday morning we headed over to Mohawk Tile and took a look around. They carry the inexpensive Lanka tile but it wasn’t as white so we took home another brand to see if we wanted ‘brighter white’. We’ll have a price quote on Monday and we’ll decide if it’s worth the price upgrade.

Our next stop was Ikea (we stopped at Cracker Barrel just before that – yum). We went to get the cabinet hardware and return our extra stuff. We ended up leaving with Vinna and not the Varde I originally wanted. Paul didn’t like Varde with the circles and loved it more without them. I thought they looked too chunky so we ‘compromised’. I know what you are thinking, wtf is that word?

So we looked around and decided on Vinna. I think it works because the glass door knobs aren’t the round kind and Vinna has round touches. I also prefer the large handles for our bottom drawers, a nice ergonomic touch. It also has no overhang so it won’t get caught in your clothing.

courtesy of Ikea Fans

We got home from Ikea and Paul finsihed up the ceiling fan and started on the other light fixtures. Then he cut and installed the toe kicks. While he was doing that I worked on painting the crown molding and window trim. Ikea Fans suggested Benjamin Moore Simply White to match the cabinets so I got a quart of that in Aura Semi-gloss. I think it looks right. We’ll never get the finish right because they use thermofoil technology but eh. Not too much to fuss over for a non-custom kitchen.

Ceiling fan installed

Paul installing track lighting

Light and the rounded ceiling 'feature'

Lights are up

Toe kicks

We put up the glass cabinets and they don’t snap together as quickly or fast as they show on that Fix This Kitchen show. Paul had to snap them into place since the slapping technique they show didn’t work for me. LOL

Shelves are in

Doors are going up

Adjusting the doors

After we finished this, it was dinner time. We headed over to Chick-fil-a and stopped off at Home Depot on the way home. A complaint of the glass knobs I read in a review were how they’d come loose every few months and need to be re tightened. I asked Paul about this and he suggested we buy lock washers for them. We also got flat washers to protect the cabinet from the lock washers. This should ensure they won’t loosen over time! It was about $2.50. We also picked up all the duct work for our range hood vent which was around $45.

We ended up having to head over to Lowe’s after getting home and tried to install the door knobs. I didn’t bring the glass knob hardware with me so I guessed they were #6 (they were indeed #8) so we returned the base molding we weren’t going to use while we were there. Now we could finally install the knobs.

Door knob installation, tape is to ensure minimum damage to inside door

1st door knob installed

Paul installing door knob

Lock washer and flat washer

Door, washers, and nut

1st set in!

Upper Cabinets Done!

I read online you can get a template to make putting up the cabinet hardware faster but to make sure the templates are big enough so we brought our hardware with us. Ikea sells one and it doesn’t fit all the hardware they sell (smart huh?). It was a bummer, I thought, the big box stores only accommodate hardware 4″ or less.

So Paul made his own template instead (cheap and custom). He took some thin leftover plywood from our subfloor, made all of the measurements on it for all the different drawer sizes, put holes in the plywood where each hole would be drilled. The piece wasn’t long enough for the 30″ wide drawer and wide handle so he brad nailed two pieces together and applied painters tape so it wouldn’t scratch. Then he brad nailed small pieces of plywood to the top and left side to guide the template. Those two pieces rested on the drawer face. It really made it all so quick and accurate!

Door hardware template

Upper row drawer hardware in


2 sets of drawers in, time to move onto upright versions

We are done

Pantry door hardware

It was 10:45pm or so and Paul decided we should flip around our pantry door. We didn’t realize until we were done adjusting the darn thing that the door really has an ‘up’. I looked at other Ikea pantry’s and it’s funny to see how many times this happens (and that people leave it). This bothered Paul so he wanted to take the time to flip it around before mounting the door pull. We thought it would go a bit faster but there are these little gray plastic plugs for the holes that you would usually attach the pantry door if it were on hinges. In order to attach the pantry door, you need to put one of the screws for the drawer “clips” in that plug. We tried to get the plug out but it wouldn’t pop out at all so we called it a night.

Sunday, Paul started his day at Ikea. He couldn’t get the plugs by themselves in the extra parts department so he had to buy a whole kit. *bummer* We finished the pull out pantry and put the hardware on.

Pantry done!

Next up was the range hood ducting! Paul started the project and put in the elbows. During his install he found the ‘caps’ to our baseboards hanging out in the attic space. This is amazing. We knew it was in 2 parts as long as we have enough for the whole room, all we’d need to buy is 3/4″ for a base.

Range hood part 1

Paul forgot to get “plumbers tape” to hang the ducting last night so back Home Depot we went. We stopped off at Primo Hoagie for lunch and then finished up installing all the ducting for the range hood. I finished painting the pre-primed trim. We still need to add a piece at the top (suggested to slide in a painted piece of wood the same color as the ceiling.)

Done! well, almost

We finished up our night after a dinner at Bertucci’s by me filling the pantry and Paul started on the window stool. Paul made it out of some 1 x 10 select pine using his new router. It looks really good. I have to prime and paint and then it’ll be in tomorrow night. We have to get the one above the sink in before the sink and faucet go in otherwise it’ll be really difficult. So that’s how we ended our Sunday.

Monday we’ll move in the fridge, paint, finish up some other trim, and attempt to put in the all the window parts for above the sink. Soon as Tuesday comes, Paul gets back to plumbing!

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  1. Dawn says:

    Looks great! You and Paul did an amazing job! You should be proud of yourselves!

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