Great news…

Happy Early Thanksgiving to everyone! It looks like our holiday will be filled with plumbing in our sink and dishwasher! The lovely lady, Lucile, made my holiday by calling me this morning to setup delivery of our counter top – it’s coming on Tuesday, November 23rd. *big high fives*

courtesy of Ikea Fans - Domsjo Sink

We also found a source for beveled subway tile at a price we can live with at Mohawk Tile in King of Prussia! Their hours are short but I hope we can stop by on Saturday to get that taken care of and perhaps do that over Thanksgiving break too (okay, that’s pushing it but a girl can dream).

Paul will be finishing up the range hood venting today (possibly the lighting, for sure this weekend) so we can put in the stove and we’ll move the fridge into the pantry area! I’ll be able to cook!!! My upper cabinet door jewelry came this week so we’ll finish the glass front doors and load up the dinner plates/glasses/bowls/etc too. We’ll make a trip hopefully next week to return some leftover stuff to Ikea and buy the Varde handles so I can load up our pantry.

I found some affordable corbels where I bought my hardware knobs. The open corbels are $50 or so more each which seems a bit crazy since you get less wood but it is more work. Hmm. I wonder if I could buy the cheaper versions and carve out the back myself – then I thought about what a dust magnet the open ones would be! Paul had questioned whether or not just have 4 glass knobs will look okay and I’ll have the time to change my mind when I order the corbels.

courtesy of House of Antique Hardware

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4 Responses to Great news…

  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing. You are helping people like me who are just beginning the renovation of their kitchen and pulling their hair out over it all. My question is about your sink. Did you install it into Ikea cabinets or another retailers cabinets? Do you love it still? I really want a white farm sink and thats the only one I can afford. Thanks for your help. Lisa T.

  2. Irene says:

    The sink base is from Ikea as all of our cabinets are. Of course you can always modify your own sink base if you aren’t going with Ikea cabinets – the dimensions for everything are listed. There is a hack for this on another blog (I’ll follow-up to this comment with that link when I get a chance to find it)

    This is so affordable but there are some things I wish Ikea would provide/change. I really wish there were the grates/protectors that fit the bottom of the sink like those available from the other manufacturers. Other Ikeans suggest getting a bathroom suction cup from Bed Bath & Beyond. We did that but it got so gross in a little less than week! I don’t suggest that at all. We’re use to the sink by now and any marks that may come from banging our pots/pans on it have come out easily with Bar Keeps Friend. I am also NOT a fan of the back where you put sponges/soap, it takes longer to clean than a simple swipe in the sink. It doesn’t help our cats LOVE the deep window sill above it. Would I still get it if I could do it again? Yes! I love the look, I love the size and since I have no room for a prep sink, having it split in 2 is great.

  3. Thirkellgirl says:

    We are finishing our Ikea Lidingo reno and have a single Domsjo sink. (I feel like I’m fluent in Swedish now, lol). I found some rubber (silicone, maybe) mats at Home Goods that I use on the bottom of my sink. I’m generally barking at people not to wash spaghetti sauce onto them, but they’ve worked well. I’m afraid of my first sink scratch (like getting a new car) but as long as I do it and not anyone else I will get over it.

  4. Irene says:

    Congratulations! We actually got tired of washing those things and believe it or not, we haven’t had any scratches that haven’t come out using Mr Clean Magic Eraser or Bar Keepers friend. Do you have any pictures to share of your kitchen??

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