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I feel paint is a very personal choice as far as favorite formulas and brands are concerned. There are a lot of choices these days – no voc, low voc (Volatile Organic Compounds @ Wikipedia), paint and primer in 1, oil based, latex, bathroom safe, etc! It can leave you dizzy.

I wanted the best covering flat paint, with low or no voc, and quick drying. I looked around all kind of home improvement sites and found some common themes – Benjamin Moore Aura – is it worth the price at $55/gallon? I think it is. I bought 2 colors to try out this line in our bedroom. One is an Affinity color (meaning it is an Aura shade) in Schooner AF-520 and the other a Historical Color in Marlboro Blue. I started on the accent wall behind our bed and it went on like icing after it had been dirty iced (cake’s primer). It covered so very well, even when I got Schooner on the other wall Marlboro Blue covered it! If I was careful, I may have been able to do one coat and I used much less than typical calculations call for (please note, it isn’t a one coat paint – I don’t know if there truly is such a thing and if you even want that for durability/washing the walls and you get a true color doing 2 coats). It’s also self leveling, you can’t slap it on really really thick but it isn’t fussy. Load your brush and go. Did I mention you can add another coat after an hour!? Yeah, you can do a room by yourself easily in just a few hours. The last & best trait is that it’s mixed by a computer so you really could just buy a gallon and go back for a little more and know the color will be right.

I have gone back into our dining room trying to seal up the cracks in the plaster where the original house and addition meet. I repainted some areas and I was happy with how well it blended into what I had previously done. It also washes well for a matte color!

Luckily for me, the local BM store had a sale in the winter so when we needed to buy paint for the rest of the house, we paid a bit less. This came in handy because I must have been crazy choosing Firenze, a burnt orange color, for our living room. It lessened the blow of the money we waisted changing our minds (still trying to figure out what to do with that color, we gave one gallon to friends for a project but I still have another unopened gallon, perhaps Craigslist would be a good idea).

I was given a paint roller made for Aura, I think you can skip that accessory. I didn’t find it performed any better or less than a Wooster blue high capacity – neither brand linted or bubbled. I will say the BM Aura washed out much better than the Wooster ones. Truthfully, I hate washing rollers. I feel like I use too much water to get them cleaned out so as not to tint the next color I want to use.

If money is an issue (if you need 2 gallons, that is a little more than $100) try out the Regal paint, especially if you aren’t using an Affinity color. It doesn’t have all the features of Aura but some of that may not even be important to you. You can see in our last post my paint progression – swatches and I cut in. I painted it a little funny because I forgot at one point we’ll have a backsplash. LOL

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2 Responses to On Paint…

  1. Sue S. says:

    Great post Paul! You and Renie are doing an excellent job.

  2. Irene says:

    LOL I actually wrote this. He went back to do some edits for me – I’m the painter in the house for sure. He’s good at the mechanics of it all, I’m really the finisher. The post on crown molding should be interesting since he didn’t understand the illusion since we have waving ceilings. That’s another post for another time, hehe

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