A Big Weekend, Part 3

We started off Sunday morning by installing the range hood. They give you some leeway in the height it is mounted above the range, between 30″ and 36″. I measured out 30 on the wall and showed it to Irene. She wanted it higher and decided on 33″ as the best aesthetically. I made a mark at that height and another for the middle of the range (left to right).
Marks for range hood
There is a template that you tape to the wall and it tells you where to drill for the mounting holes. We didn’t get a picture of that. 🙁 But here I am performing the next step which was to cut the hole in the ceiling where the exhaust duct will pass through.
Cutting hole for exhaust
Ready for moutning range hood
At this point I had to make a trip to the home improvement store, the third this weekend. That type of frequency is pretty typical for us during this project. Anyways I needed to get a different type of wall anchor. There are two clips that you hang the thing on while you attach the other screws. Neither of the clips ended up in front of a stud, but they required countersunk screws to be used, so I couldn’t use the Snaptoggles I was using on the cabinets which have pan head screws. Once I got back it was time to mount’er up.
Mounting range hood
After it was securely attached and I made some slight adjustments to the cabinets it was time to tackle the electrical part. The instructions want you to put the electrical wires inside of metal conduit. But I only needed something like 1.5 feet of the stuff. While on my last trip to the store I searched for a solution because no one sells just a few feet of conduit. After talking to the guy in the electrical department I bought a pre-wired 4 foot long section of flexible metallic conduit with snap in fittings on the end. I later learned these things are called whips. Kind of like this but in metal. At $8.22 it seemed like the cheapest solution. It came with 14 guage wire which I pulled out and threw away. I cut it to the length I needed with a hacksaw. I stripped the sheathing off the Romex coming out of the wall and shoved the three wires through the conduit. I also picked up some little bushings that go in the end of the conduit to keep it from cutting the insulation on the wires. Then I secured the two together with electrical tape. Voila! Here I am with my electrical toolbelt on again.
Wiring up range hood

Next up was to mount the over the fridge cabinet. Next to that will be the high cabinet, aka pantry. I thought the pantry would also mount to the suspension rail and initially cut the rail to that length. I decided to double check the directions while mounting the rail and shortened it up before any damage was done.
Mounting over frige cabinet
We then built the high cabinet in the kitchen because it would be took big for us to carry in fully built. I remember someone suggesting mounting the drawer sliders ahead of time because the high cabinets are a bit narrow. Doing that was a bit of a chore because the directions were scattered between three or more different packages. Again Ikea Fans came to the rescue, kind of. I had to make a list of the different drawer unit part number we got to figure out which ones go in the pantry. I mounted the rails for the two drawers that mount to the big pullout door. I didn’t feel comfortable mounting the rest as I didn’t know where the shelf bottoms ended up relative to the rails.

Finally got the thing all put together with the feet on and then it was time for the moment of truth. I knew the top of the cabinet would be close to the bottom of the bulkhead I built. Well the bulkhead had a low corner… right were the pantry was to go. So even with the legs adjusted all the way down we were still an inch too tall. 🙁 Back to the internet we went for answers. I was fully prepared to build a base out of spare 2×3 when Irene found a post of someone who had cut the Ikea legs shorter. Actually there were a few people asking about shortening the legs for the same reason we were. LOL This post has complete directions so I tried it out and thought it would work so I shortened three more. After running out for some dinner we stuck the shorter legs on and shimmied it into place!
Pantry cabnet installed
That gap between the two went away once we screwed the two together. After that was up I started making marks on the wall for and measuring and cutting the ledger boards for the base cabinets. With two out of four mounted it was getting late again. This is how we ended Sunday.
End of progress for Sunday

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3 Responses to A Big Weekend, Part 3

  1. Apriltini says:

    I hate to mention it, but that cabinet over the fridge area looks crooked on the left side.

  2. Paul says:

    Are you talking about the gap at the top April? It’s actually the bulkhead that is crooked, the cabinet is level. We will be covering up these deficiencies with trim and filler pieces later.

  3. Apriltini says:

    Yes, the bulkhead area. As long as you’re on it, it’s all good. I have the utmost confidence that y’all will make it look goooood. 😀

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