A Big Weekend, Part 2

After getting back from the stores I got to work painting the ceiling. I am faster than Irene when it comes to painting the ceiling.
Cutting in ceiling
Rolling Paint on ceiling
While I did the first coat Irene put the samples on the wall.
Paint Samples

With our shopping done, the floor 100% finished, and ceiling painted we turned to installing the cabinets. I spent some time trying to make sense of the measurements Ikea gives for where to mount the upper cabinet suspension rail so the cabinets would end up where I wanted them. I didn’t want them too low. The numbers did not make sense because the line they tell you to draw is for the bottom of the rail. I ended up just going with what they said in the instructions. Everything went according to the directions until we got the cabinets up. They were an inch lower than I wanted them. There is still some play in the brackets where cabinets mount to the suspension rail so we could move them up a little. But I was also a little iffy about over stressing the brackets or the screws that hold them in to so we left them as-is. The height difference also meant we had to adjust were the wires for the LED under cabinets lights came out of the wall. C’est la vie.

Marking lines for suspension rail
Tools spread out
Wall cabinets ready to go in
The finished product

Once we got the upper cabinets in we figured it would be good to mount the LED lights to them before the base cabinets are installed and in the way.
Unwrapping the LED lights
There are little metal clips that screw into the bottom of the cabinets. The lights then click into clips. The since there wasn’t so much beating and banging going on the cat came over to investigate…
Sunny in my lap
… and play!
Sunny laying on floor
Sunny playing with packing materials
That was where we stopped Saturday night.

A little post-mortem on our wall cabinet height. After some Google searching it turns out the reason Ikea tells you to put the cabinets at 92 5/8″ above the floor is that is the installed hight of the high cabinet (aka pantry). That answer was found in an Ikea Fans thread. It seems lots of people move the suspension rail up an inch or two. I would if we were able to drill into more studs to support the rails. Because of how we have two free standing cabinets there were a limited amount of studs for me to screw into. I made liberal use of the Snaptoggle wall anchors to attach the rail. If I move the rail up just an inch the drywall may be too weak int that area. 🙁

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