A Big Weekend, Part 1

The cabinets are going in!!! They really are! And Irene picked a paint color! Yippee!! We did a lot this weekend so I am breaking it up into several posts.

I had off this Friday and I used that time to finish the flooring. The last 20 or so square feet took longer than the rest of the floor because of all the little cuts that had to be made where doorways and walls are. The other thing that took a lot of time was undercutting the trim. For things like doorway trim that is already in place you have to cut the trim from the bottom with a miter or hacksaw so the Marmoluem will slide underneath it. Sawing just 3/8″ off the floor is a recipe for skinned knuckles. 🙁
After cutting trim

I had to cut a bit of our base molding in the transition from the kitchen to dining room. I thought it would be just like cutting the door trim but it turned out to be more involved because the base molding extended below the underlayment to the subfloor. So I had to chisel the pieces out.
Undercutting the base molding
Completed doorway

I also had to chisel out in the stairway leading to the back door it get the stair nose in.
Chiseling door trim
This involved a lot of trial and error fitting.
Fitting stair bullnose
More chiseling

With help from Irene we were able to slide the flooring underneath the radiator legs instead of cutting around them. Irene had read on the internet somewhere that most of the time there is enough flex in the water pipes to lift the radiator 1/4″ to 1/2″. We gave it a shot. We placed a scrap peice of lumber on the floor to protect it and then used a prybar as a lever to lift the radiator from the bottom. I lifted while Irene slid the piece in place. This worked for one side. For the other side I just had to grab the thing and lift. There was more than enough play and the radiator looks great sitting on the new floor.
Flooring under radiator
By late Friday night everything was done except fastening down the stair nose and transition cover.

Chisels and other tools

My little chisel set got a good workout

Flooring under construction

Flooring under construction

Saturday morning we got up and headed over to the Benjamin Moore store to get paint for the ceiling. I wanted to paint the ceiling before we but the wall cabinets or lighting fixtures in. It would be so much easier to do with no obstructions. Irene decided to use Decorator’s White in matte. It’s a nice, clean and simple white. Neither of us likes the eggshell whites. Irene also picked out some sample colors for the walls.

We took 3 trips to the big box stores over Saturday and Sunday (Lowes and Home Depot). We started at Home Depot because they have the fan we want for the kitchen (a Hampton Bay, Home Depot’s house brand). Coincidentally it is the same one we have in our bedroom. The look is good, we’re happy with the performance from over the summer, and I like the mounting much better than the Hunter we bought for our guest bedroom. We could really use a space heater for the bathroom and kitchen. Irene remembered seeing small oil filled space heaters (good for the bathroom, quickly heats and is safe around water) at Home Depot. They don’t remember having them *shrug*. We also were looking for a Bosch Colt router, which they didn’t have either, to build new stools for our windows and later shelving. We also picked up some small nails to attach the metal strip that holds the flooring transition cover in place. Lastly we looked at trim and crown molding. There is quite a lot of choices and it was a bit overwhelming for Irene. She found a profile of crown she liked but they were all just too tall for our modest house.

We then went over to Lowes. They have at least 12 models of space heaters vs 4 or so at HD. Still nothing oil filled and small enough to fit in the bathroom but we picked at a 1500 Watt one for the kitchen. We also picked some wall anchors for attaching the cabinets. The selection for these is much better at Lowes than at HD. I decided on Toggler Snaptoggles and really like them. They are super easy to install. We found the router there and then looked at trim again. This time we found a crown that Irene liked so we bought that and some base molding that mostly matches the design of our existing stuff. We got everything we needed and used the 10% HD coupon I got in the mail there. Saved $33!

Irene is disappointed that all the base molding in the stores is much thinner than what we have in the rest of the house. She is debating whether the thinner stuff looks okay or not. Maybe we don’t finish the floor until we can afford to get matching trim since it would be significantly more. Or maybe we can make it ourselves if we can find a router bit or combo of bits that will do the trick.

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3 Responses to A Big Weekend, Part 1

  1. Artie Woods says:

    More pictures of sunny!!! he is a valuable part of this renovation.

  2. Kay says:

    Coincidentally, we’re about ready for floor covering in our project house, + I wanted to have a checkerboard of gray, gray/black Marmoleum click tiles! Could you please tell me the colors you chose? I want my choices to color-coordinate. Nobody wants to send me samples! Good luck with your project + TY for any info you can give me!

  3. Paul says:

    Kay. I know I am a bit late. But the colors in our kitchen are Raven and Volcanic Ash.

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