It looks like a room again

Tuesday night we started to put our Marmoleum Click floor down in a checkerboard pattern.
Start of flooring install
It really does click together. The pieces of plywood are to leave a gap between the floor edge and the wall to allow the floor to expand. The big pieces kept falling over so eventually I had to create smaller ones and they worked better.
It really does click together
I tried to cut one with the circular saw but it ripped up the panel too much and it was hard to make a straight line. So I had to manually cut each end piece with a miter saw.
You have to cut
Here is the first row in place. You build a whole nother row and click the two together at once. There is enough tension where you can’t just click it together by hand, you need wedge shaped pieces of wood to prop the new row up while you bang it in with a longer piece of wood and a mallet. There are lots of Youtube videos showing how to install this floor actually.
One row done
I made the wedges by cutting some spare 2×3 from building our walls. I was too tired to actually cut these Tuesday night and those spacers kept falling over so we called it a night. The next day we had scheduled a roofer to come out and install the collar for our new plumbing vent and our range vent hood. We also needed the existing vent collar fixed as it started leaking. I tried getting up on the roof to fix it myself but I did not feel comfortable on our high pitch roof. So we had to call in a professional. I am disappointed about that. The roofer was to show up first thing in the morning. I had to be here to let them in and show them where the new holes had to go. Unfortunately they didn’t show till 2pm. 🙁 That did give me time to work on the flooring though and I got this far before he arrived.
Halfway done
While the roofer did his thing I continued work on the floor. By the time he was done I was done the floor to the point where I had just the pieces around the doorways and radiator to do. Pieces that needed lots of cuts to install.
Roofing guy's ladder
Floor to the door!
The new pipe collar installed.
New vent collar installed
Range vent cap installed. I bought this piece myself. It’s a Broan 634M and has a backdraft damper, birdscreen built in, and a connection for 6″ duct. I think it looks good.
Test fit of piping
Once the roofer left I had to install the vent pipe into the collar. It was going to rain the next day! You can see my test fit in the above picture. It stuck out from the roof too much so I had to shorten it. This is what the vent piping looks like in the attic space above the kitchen.
Vent in attic
And my improvised pipe support. I reused the clamp from when I had to temporarily support the riser without the proper riser clamp.
Improvised Pipe Support
Next it was time to connect the drain piping in the basement, otherwise rain would trickle out of the vent piping and onto the floor. I already had this 45 degree segment with the sweep tee and cleanout connection fitted and glued together. It just had to glue it in place.
Drain piping in basement
To connect the new PVC pipe to our old copper drain pipe I used a flexible coupling. It’s just like a little radiator hose on a car.
Flexible Coupling
Somehow after dinner and all that work I still had energy, so I decided wire up the the outlets and switches. While I did that Irene primed in the corner where the fridge and pantry go.
Working on electrical
I have to say I really kicked butt today. With the flooring in it’s really getting exciting, like the end is near!

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4 Responses to It looks like a room again

  1. Apriltini says:

    I’m really enjoying this blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Irene says:

    Thank you for the encouragement!, April! Happy to know people are enjoying this. Lots of little things to go!

  3. Lida Stapp says:

    your blog sure does rank high in bing for some keyphrases,thats how i got here and i must say it deserves the rankings.really liked this post.

  4. Irene says:

    Thanks, Lida! We hope you find our blog helpful 🙂

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