The reno goes on…

We are getting down to the good stuff! The mudding and sanding is done. Here I am sanding with all my PPE on (that’s Personal Protection Equipment to those not in the know). Paul thought I looked funny with all this on and said he waited 5 minutes for me turn around so he could get a head-on picture. But I was too intent on my work to stop!
Sanding Joint Compound
Sanding, as viewed from the outside.
While I was busy making a lot of dust Paul started building the cabinets. At this point we only need the cabinet frames assembled. Drawers, shelves, and doors go in/on once the frames aka boxes are installed. First to get assembled was the sink base! Yay!
Assembled Sink Base Frame
Then the wall cabinets. This is one of two 30″ wide wall cabinets. The other one had one damaged piece so Paul had to put that aside to return to Ikea. The thin back melamine had bent and ripped.
Wall Cabinet Frame
By the time these were assembled it was time to clean up the dust and move the flooring to the middle of the room for 48 hours as per directions. Besides, Paul was out of room in the garage. Moving those two pallets of flooring freed up the room we needed to assemble more cabinets. But that would have to wait till tomorrow. It was getting late on Friday night and it was time to go to bed.

The next day, Saturday, Paul slept in a little late but finally got back to building our cabinets. In the process, he found another damaged piece. This time the package had dragged on something and left two gouges in the wood. We got everything assembled save for the two damaged ones and the high cabinet, aka pantry. The pantry is just two big to pre-assemble and carry in the house. After shuffling around more boxes it was time to take our damaged goods to exchange at Ikea. We also returned the 24″ cabinet that we no longer need. We changed the 24″ to a 21″ in order to make the range vent clear a ceiling joist if you remember. This was also a good time to break for dinner. By the time we returned it was dark, but we soldiered on assembling.
More Assembled Cabinets
Cabinets Under Construction
Paul had to measure so that the brads that hold the melamine backs would would be relatively evenly spaced. He says it’s the engineer in him.
And we're done!
And we’re done!

Paul spent Sunday replacing the hot and cold water isolation valves in the basement that you might remember from our first few posts. They were are old and broken and are now replaced with new ball valves. I’ll let Paul tell the whole story in our next post but I ended up getting a little wet and so did our basement!

It’s Monday night and I put the first coat of primer on the walls. I HAVE to pick a paint color soon. Paul is pressuring me to do it before we install the cabinets but we haven’t even had the time to go pick out our counter top slab. I think it’s a neutral gray but I won’t know until we see it in person – if it leans blue or cool, it won’t work with the color I might want to use. He also thought we should use up some of the paint from the dining room but it’s too warm for the kitchen. Sorry babe, I can’t do it. 🙁

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