The last few big ticket items..

All the big items have now been purchased (we have to get lights/fan and hardware) We went to Ikea in Conshohocken for our 40% off counter top – we saved $900! It was $300 more than WilsonArt HD and I think worth the upgrade price. I changed my mind on the color at the last minute, too.

The Lunar Pearl was just too brown looking so I went for Meteor Gray. This color was more expensive and I went with a normal squared off edge. The one edging I prefer and love the most was something like $25/sq ft LOL That’s crazy! I already went above what I wanted to spend and it wasn’t something I really was upset to lose.

Meteor Gray Quartz Coutertop

I was upset we’d have to lose the free standing range hood but all that changed when we were able to get a base cabinet that was smaller so we could move everything over a few inches to get out of the way of a ceiling joist. It isn’t an ideal cabinet now but we’ll hack it into a garbage bin and use the top basket drawer for bags. I’m not sure if anyone has hacked this size but we’ll figure it out. It’ll be a little less since we got a smaller one so that’s always good for the bottom line (btw, we’re spending more than $8k but less than $10k for sure).

I also saved money on getting last years spice drawer insert (variera insert for spices). They are $4/each and were marked down to 50 cents! They are gray vs white so that coordinates with all the gray in the kitchen but otherwise, they are in a drawer. I got 6 of them so I saved $23 with tax. I couldn’t remember how many go in each drawer but I know I need a few drawers for these.

Lastly we picked up the LUFTIG HOO C50 S range hood which was $399. I’d like something more quiet but that is between double and triple so we’ll see how well this lasts. I’d imagine by the time we’d want to sell, there is the possibility we’d replace it.

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