Ikea 40% off all countertops with purchase of kitchen…

So this is the deal I was talking about now in our design post. It includes everything, even the granite/corian/quartz.

I’m a bit concerned because this promotion started October 6th and we bought 2 weeks before and wasn’t told you had to buy cabinets to qualify. I going to give Ikea a call to see if we still qualify for 40% off – if not, I am going to be majorly upset for not holding out or being told it comes with the purchase of a kitchen in the same period *sigh* I’ll keep you posted.

Edit: Policy states any purchase made within 2 weeks of a sale qualifies. The woman on the phone said I should bring the receipt, the copy of the policy and calendar. I’m not sure where the policy is located but I’ll be ready. Darn right we will or we’ll gladly go somewhere else for a better deal.

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2 Responses to Ikea 40% off all countertops with purchase of kitchen…

  1. Dawn says:

    You need to bring a calendar!?!?! Ikea doesn’t have a calendar lol

  2. Irene says:

    The woman suggested it! lol Just in case they gave us a hard time. I didn’t see any calendars out on the floor so I think it was a good idea hahaha Home Depot is prepared 😉

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