A Long 48 Hours

A lot has happened in the two days since we last posted. Unfortunately not a lot has happen with respect to the kitchen. The remnants of a tropical storm came through Thursday and dumped a biblical amount of rain on our area. Before the rain started I cleaned out our gutters of all the leaves that have started to fall. There has been small roof leak above our guest bedroom. We had not been able to track down the source of the leak and were trying to just get by until the kitchen was done. Well we found the source during this monsoon. It’s coming from the flashing where our plumbing vent goes through the roof. At least we also now know why there was one ceiling tile upstairs with water damage.

The next day, Friday, was an adventure getting to work. We live very close to a decent sized river and due to all the rain it has swollen it’s banks and flooded out many of the area bridges. To make matters worse the rain also caused a sinkhole to develop on the local expressway causing it to eventually shut down for a few hours. Needless to say traffic was at a standstill and I went out of my way and then some to cross the river and get to work without sitting at a standstill for two hours like many others did. Fortunately Irene did not have to deal with this because she had off. Unfortunately she had off because she volunteered to pick up an overnight shift.

Last night we did a little more shopping for electrical stuff. I had return all of the outlets I bought because current code requires tamper proof ones. I also bought what I needed to replace the wiring for the stove, put in an outlet for the dishwasher, and wire up our LED lights. Today is Saturday and I am waiting for the Ikea delivery folks show up with our cabinets while Irene sleeps after her 12 hour overnight shift. I had to clean up the garage a bit to make room for them.

The garage is straightened up and ready for our cabinets.

I also took the time over the past few days to spruce up our blog a little. You’ll notice we have changed the header picture away from the stock WordPress one. It took a little bit of tweaking to get the bigger image to fit in right. I have also made some small font and positioning tweeks to make it look a little less like a 100% stock WordPress blog. I added a copyright notice and Creative Commons License to our blog’s footer. You can use any content from our blog as long as you properly attribute that it is ours (with a link back here thank you) and you allow your content to be shared in the same way.

Lastly I hacked up my own plugin to add a lightbox image viewer to our blog. Why did I hack up my own? Well none of the ones available 100% met my needs. The plugins either depend on the jQuery or scriptaculous Javascript libraries. I wanted one that used jQuery because I believe it is the better and easier to use Javascript library and I wanted to option to add more functionality based on it to the blog. All of the jQuery based plugins required you to mark your images with rel="lightbox" or some other piece of code. I wanted something that would work out of the box with no intervention on my part. And after a few hours of trial and error coding I got it all working. I am using the jQuery Lightbox plugin by Leandro Vieira Pinho to do it. I am not sure if I am going to release this plugin onto wordpress.org or not since there are already so many others out there.

Now where are those guys with our cabinets?!

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