Electrical Fail

The third party electrical inspector, as required by our township, came to do a rough-in inspection of our kitchen. It didn’t pass. But it wasn’t a real failure either. Everything that is in place is OK. I talked to the inspector on the phone and explained what we were doing to the kitchen. I explained that we had two walls opened up, and there was some electrical that was going to be added/changed in the other two existing walls. He stated that he would inspect what was in the walls that were open and any wiring fished through existing walls would be inspected at the final inspection.

One of the stumbling blocks ended up being that we are adding two lighting fixtures to the kitchen, going from one to three. He wanted to see those outlet boxes and the wiring for them in place. I thought that would be covered under the “in existing walls” portion because we are hacking into the existing circuit, one that we are still using for light and that lights other rooms.

Another surprise was that you can’t hardwire dishwashers anymore. That is apparently a recent edition to the NEC. So I have to put an outlet under the sink for it.

The third thing is I had not replaced the wiring for the range yet. I was initially planning on doing this but started to reconsider because it’s expensive. Just the new wire was going to run $200. But since we are moving the range, even if it is just two feet, we have to upgrade to what’s currently required. I am glad I waited though because I based the $200 on buying this wire at Lowes. They sell it by the foot, you tell them how much you need and they cut it for you. I found out that Home Depot sells a 125 foot roll of it for $149. SCORE!

Lastly was a question about the wiring I will be using on our LED under cabinet lighting. I need a strip of wire to go between the two wall cabinets, which are separated by the range. The vendor told me to use 18/2 lamp cord. You don’t need to use Romex beceause the voltage is not the normal 120V AC house current, it is 12V DC. However you can’t run normal lamp cord conceiled in a wall. The cord must be rated as Class 2. He didn’t think I’d be able to find such a beast. After some Googling I think I can use wire meant for the thermostat of your furnace. I’ll follow up once I do a full writeup on the LED lights, which showed up as I was waiting for the inspector ironically.

So I have some more wiring to do this weekend. I was hoping that we could hang drywall by Sunday but we will just push on.

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