Small update on plumbing and color scheme..

Paul decided to solve his plumbing┬ádilemma┬áby turning the trap arm 90 degrees in the wall. That still makes it up to code (he’ll have a more thorough post as soon as he makes it happen this week).

We didn’t get as much done as we would have liked or started any other blog posts about specific parts of our project (sorry, we really had to catch up on F1 racing and mother-in-law’s birthday dinner) Tomorrow is back to work as usual. I’m a little sad, we made so much progress during this renocation. I think I’ll probably blog about cooking/not cooking and some of the other improvements in the house.

Since I can’t help too much with the electrical and plumbing, I’ve been trying to decide on a color scheme. I have very neutral ideas thus far and need color. (black and gray floor, white/gray tone quartz counters, white subway tile, white cabinetry) I also want something different than what I have so far chosen for our house.

I’m not into red/burgundy/wine as a wall color. I considered it after talking with some friends and think for the space of this size (lack of size and lack of light) it would just crowd it rather than make it cozy. Perhaps green?

I’ve also been inspired to consider wall paper as an accent after seeing this Ikea kitchen on (member lailaras1) I wouldn’t choose anything this dark but it made me think of all the possibilities if I chose something good. I also know that if you install wallpaper properly, it should not be an ordeal to take down to replace down the line when I get tired of it.

So many choices and possiblities, I could really go in any direction. Do you have any inspiration for me?

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