Plumbing woes

Today one of my goals was to rough in the plumbing vent and drain into my newly built wall. The drain/vent is basically just a vertical run of pipe with a special tee called a sanitary tee where the pipe from the sink connects to it. This is how it should have looked (the tee would be lower and a pipe coming out of the top in real life).

Intended Plumbing Vent Arrangement

Unfortunately there is a floor joist where I wanted to put the pipe. 🙁 I would just push the pipe over to the left but the edge of the under sink cabinet is an inch to the left of the pipe and to the right is the window. It was already going to be a tight fit with not much margin for error but this joist just screws my plan up.

Floor Joist in the Way of Plumbing Vent

I spent a good part of the day reading though my plumbing book, Googling, asking on and thinking about my options. Normally you would just bore a hole through the studs on the left of the window and run the pipe though it. If I had used 2x4s I could do that but the hole needed for the pipe is just about as wide as my 2×3 studs. We used 2x3s to minimize the space lost by building these walls. 🙁

Time for an alternate plan. Option 1 is to keep the tee where it is and use two 45° elbows to move the pipe to the left when it goes though the floor. The potential hitch is that I don’t have the room to pull this off due to where the tee comes out of the wall being only 14 inches above the finished floor (lingo alert: above finished floor is often abbreviated as AFF). Option 2 is to move the pipe over to the left and turn the tee to face right and have a short segment and then turn 90° out to the sink. Potential issue here is that all the bends in the trap arm would be a place where clogs would form.

Alternate Plumbing Vent ArrangementAnd the last options would be to add some 2x4s to the wall so that I could bore through them and bring the pipe out underneath the window. This is the least likely option due to the extra work involved.

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