Paul has begun running the electrical. Besides adhering to NEC code (outlets every 2 feet!), I had a lot of decisions to make – task, accent (we aren’t doing) and general lighting, do I want a fan? and what kind of lights? Paul figured out the guidelines and I picked the styles.

Task lighting. This is often confused as ‘accent’ lighting under cabinetry but this is some of the most important lighting in a kitchen. It lights up everything you are working on. We’ve decided to go the LED route without a dimmer – less power, lasts longer and the price is a bit cheaper than even ikea task lighting. It’ll be controlled by one switch. You might want to consider a dimmer if you have an open floor plan since it’s very pretty (then it becomes accent light) but ours is separate so I didn’t think it was necessary and something I could live without. We went with the middle of the road model from Elemental (http://www.elementalled.com)

General lighting. I decided on a fan and 2 track lights. Fans are really not ‘popular’ but we don’t have central AC. I really enjoyed the fan we had for a few months during summer and missed it when it died. We plan on air conditioning but that is as costly as the kitchen renovation so that has to wait a few years. I have had to make a few ‘function over pretty’ choices but that’s how I think most people should do it. The aversion to a fan is the whole ‘it’ll get greasy’ – that doesn’t happen when you have a good range vent that really ventilates to the outside and has enough power for your space.

Ikea Leding ($19.99 each)

Home Depot Hampton Bay 44 In. Hawkins in Brushed Nickel Finish ($59.97) We actually have this in our bedroom – don’t worry, it has white fan blades. It’s really a nice fan – Paul thought the construction was better than the name brand one in our guestroom which was significantly more.

He needs to cut into the other wall to run 2 more outlets on that side and move the outlet where the ‘coffee bar’ use to be for our fridge.

Our timeline is looking good. He has plenty of time to finish the electrical and plumbing, inspection and putting up the drywall before our flooring even arrives (sometime the 2nd week of October as long as it’s really filled on October 4th) Monday Ikea will be calling us about when we should take delivery of the cabinets. Paul is thinking end of next week. The sooner the better so we can inspect, get possible replacements and build. I still need to figure out new trim pieces for windows and moldings for the cabinets.

They did not come off without splitting and I was being careful *sigh* I am not entirely upset since they are newer than 1954 but I am kinda hoping we can get the same style since we didn’t take trim off of the other window. Anyway, here are some shots of today. Tomorrow we won’t be getting much done since it’s Paul’s Mom’s birthday dinner and I don’t know how much we’ll blog since we’ll be working in the evenings after work. This whole thing is slowing down for sure but I hope we can still have some good content to share with you.

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