Walls: DONE! Onto electrical and plumbing.

Holy crap! This took way too long. For serious! We now, finally, have walls! I was the ‘leveler’ and Paul was the ‘builder’. I tried the building but I didn’t think I was strong enough to do it quickly enough without moving the piece of wood. The level task worked great.

Now that the stud wall is up (and Paul has learned enough to make a separate post to help you), electrical and plumbing can begin! We want to start out by saying we are indeed doing this ourselves and we did get a permit the very first time the drawings were submitted. Paul used AutoCAD to create our electrical and plumbing schematics. He looked into other programs we could use that were free/readily available but most were overly complicated for the task of simple schematics and Paul uses AutoCAD at work. If anyone has a good tutorial and/or experience with other programs for this task, please let us know so we can add a helpful link. Paul will get more into what helped him (mainly books, forum reading and of course the NEC code) later.

Before we finished the walls, we stopped by our township building to update our plumbing drawing. The “code guy” looked over our new drawing and approved it pretty much right away, much to our surprise (you can read about why we needed the change in the previous post). As we waited, Paul found a previous ‘owner’ of our house was on the Board of Supervisors for our township. I say owner loosely, he is a brother to the official owner but for some reason, he and his wife are listed on our deed in the mid-40s. I have no idea why, I’d like to read up more on how deeds work and why they could be listed.

Shortly after we got home, we took delivery of our Bosch dishwasher. That was interesting. They came an hour early (hoozah!) and also had some plywood with them. Plywood? Turns out the guy who checked us out labeled those 2 at the end of the ringing out, right after our dishwasher was rung up, marked as a ‘delivery’ item. It was funny how the delivery guy was confused about why we had strange looks on our faces when he was placing the wood. We promptly rejected it and talked to the delivery supervisor about what happened.

Later we went out and bought just about everything we needed to get started on plumbing and electrical (the super expensive oven wire could not be purchased because our home improvement stores were OUT of enough length for us, dang! It’s $200 so I was hoping to save some cash on that thing with a coupon, uhh!) I also got to order the faucet. So excited! It was a splurge (not a complete one, the stainless version would have been crazy).

We didn’t work as long as we have over the last week, we took much needed time off for dinner and drinks (with real plates and cutlery!). Tomorrow, Paul gets started on plumbing & electrical.

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