Walls… Day 12

Oh stud walls… how deceiving…. on every page about building stud walls, it says it’s the easiest part of construction as long as you measure, level and know the pythagorean theorem for making corners. A nice guy on youtube has some even more helpful hints (you can’t make your walls too tight or it lifts your structural pieces http://www.youtube.com/user/HomeRemodelWorkshop)

It is much trickier when you haven’t started with an empty space and don’t want to rip out EVERYTHING. All of the online tutorials don’t cover what you should do for a corner joint. Most don’t cover the fact that the distance to the first stud is 15.25 not 16 inches. None cover what you do when the wall is longer than your baseplate.

None of the basement wall tutorials covered how to handle windows. And although there are tutorials on how to frame out a window opening they assume you are installing a brand new store bought window, not trying to frame around an existing one.

We aren’t ripping out the ceiling, the floor joists are a funky 12″ not quite on center and there are just a lot of things that add up to a lot of tweaking. Paul is frustrated but I think that today, Friday, we will finish these walls!

Hopefully that means our Friday night will be consumed with electrical and plumbing shopping (including my Grohe faucet! I have a 10% coupon, yippeee!)

The other thing on our plate, besides our bagel sandwiches this morning, is we’ll be stopping by the permit office to make a change to our plumbing permit. Originally we were going to use 2 inch drain and vent for the sink. Why 2 inch? Because we have 1.5 inch now and bigger is better right? Paul figured the larger size would help with our 80 foot run from the sink to the waste stack. We also thought we could do this because where the existing line connects to the waste stack is a 2 inch PVC connection. There is a rubber tube connecting the PVC to the original copper drain pipe. What Paul didn’t see is there is a reducing bushing inside the 2 inch connection brining it down to 1.5 inch. And since it is all PVC it can’t be taken apart. We would have to cut into the stack and put in a whole new one and deal with a bunch of little splice joints. We don’t want to do that.

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