Ordered cabinets… lots of measuring

Not much accomplished halfway through our 10 day renocation. We started off adding some plugins for this site and finished up the foamboard installation.

We went to Ikea in the afternoon to order our cabinets (eat some lunch) and rounded out the day with lots of measuring and figuring out how to put up a wall. It was nice eating from normal plates/cutlery/drinking glasses. Speaking of that, we’re out of paper plates and bowls!

We had a fight when things weren’t going so well – Paul was frustrated and I was impatient. Paul measured, cut wood, measured more, did some fitting, worked in the attic which led to working on electrical (he tidied up our box and didn’t tighten a neutral wire for the lights upstairs) That was a pain in the butt detour but necessary to add some structure to help support the new wall.

So that’s all for today. Since there isn’t much to share, how about a picture of my battle scar? Oh and I can’t forget that I got the sad news that our flooring is delayed until October 4th (our 2nd wedding anniversary, 2nd!?) – Raven is not in stock.

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