It’s been a little more than a year…

so it has been more than a year since we began our home renovation. We’ve lived with the design for some time now and have added a few things that I had not blogged about. You really do get tired of it all near the end when all the details finally come together. Lets see some pictures of what it looks like! These aren’t even the most up-to-date. We took these before the microwave left the buffet. Getting photos of this space is difficult and all the feedback we get from guests who have been to our house is how the photos do the space no justice. Photos of cupcakes and friends courtesy of Erik Lee of Elusive Media.

Truthfully, there are few things that we have yet to finish. 1 shelf still sits in our basement that is to go above the microwave, we have a gap above the stove we have yet to fill, we never made an organizer for above the fridge to keep the baking sheets/muffin pans vertical (this is something I want ASAP) and we still have to touch up paint in some spots.

I’m not sure how much of this we’ll realistically get done. We are expecting a baby girl around the New Year and getting ready for her arrival is the biggest thing on our to do list (and our biggest expense). We tore out the ceiling in her room. We had water damage from our leaking flashing around the vent pipe, then Hurricane Irene (har har har), bad patch jobs from rewiring our house and a step crack that just wouldn’t go away.

We also have not done much with our yard as we had hoped. We cleaned out under an area of trees near our driveway but never got around to removing arborvitaes. Day after we started this project was when we found out I was pregnant!

I hope we can get some of these items done before my shower next weekend and since it looks like we’ll be staying home all weekend, that will be entirely possible! Did you hear it’s suppose to snow??

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