No walls…..

We have no walls!! Today started out with no coffee… *long pause*… we went to Starbucks and then stopped by Lowe’s/Target for some things (laser, plumb bob, gloves and a thing to fix our standing lamp in the living room – food at Target)

We are leaving a section of the one wall intact so we had to make a clean cut where the old and new will meet. We used the laser to make a straight and vertical line, snapped a chalk line along the laser line, scored the plaster, and then used our Dremel Trio to cut the wall. We relied on our sledge hammer/crowbar for the rest. 🙂

The plaster under the window on the driveway side (right in photos) was very soft, so water has gotten in that area but no mold. The corner of the house had no such soft plaster and besides some staining on the ceiling, no signs of mold on the plaster or mortar board (we don’t have plaster and lathe, boo ya) During the removal, I beaned myself on the head with a piece and whacked Paul with the crowbar, yikes! I have a lump on my forehead. I was getting tired and wasn’t being very careful. Lesson learned, just stop when you feel like you are demolishing in a less than safe way.

I wore Paul’s work hard hat the rest of the day just in case…

We ended up with 16 bags of plaster when all was said and done. We never got to make cut outs in the ceiling where the header plates will go. While cutting the wall at the left side corner our Trio’s bit broke. We had a backup but that bit overheated right away. Crap!!! So Paul went at it manually with a drywall saw (damn was that tiring. -Paul) and didn’t touch the ceiling. We took down all the firring strips except around the windows. We had to figure out how our windows were put together. The new windows were installed from the outside and we really didn’t understand how our old system worked. We stopped, Googled a bit but ultimately just needed to call it a night. Paul posted on asking about it. Tomorrow we hope to get some answers so we can either leave the strips around the windows alone, remove them and continue on with removing the ceiling/installing foam/etc. Sorry, I just realized I didn’t get a good picture of the walls gutted. Tomorrow. You can see where the old house meets the new house in these (dark cinder is older).

I’m calling to order our floor tomorrow, Wednesday we go to Ikea to order our cabinets and Thursday our dishwasher comes. Yay! Until then, enjoy the pictures.

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