When is done? and 1 year home anniversary..

Happy New Year! We are not quite *done* yet. Haha! We met our date of a kitchen to cook in but not all the finishing touches. Seems like when you get to the end of a renovation, it’s slow going to get everything finished. The moldings have been difficult (we tried to match to the rest of the house, ripped it out and put in something new – we started crown molding and ripped it out, we’re more than halfway done and we have a whole post coming on THAT) and we had to wait for our final pieces from the tile store for our back splash. So much for backsplashing before 2011. We aren’t going out of our way during the week to do renovation work so hopefully this weekend the crown will be done and we’ll have plenty of photos to share by the end of this month to do an official ‘before and after’ post.

I have some kitchen organizing post coming with photos of how it’s all arranged. I think it’s important since not everyone has a huge kitchen.

I have to crunch all the numbers to see how much we spent but the original $8k estimate I don’t think was met. Probably closer to $9k including tools but still not bad.

Would we do this again? Absolutely! We saved tens of thousands of dollars and were able to buy some great products that we wouldn’t have had the money for if we paid someone else to do it. It was frustrating, we did have fights but we figured out what our strengths and weaknesses are as a renovating couple.

Besides all that, our 1 year Home anniversary is coming up on the 15th!! Paul thinks it isn’t until we ‘moved’ in but we plunked down our hard earned dollars and generous wedding gifts to buy this place. The last year has gone so fast and we accomplished a lot as home owners. We rewired 80% of our home (yes, I really helped!), painted all the rooms on the main floor, partially repaired the plaster where it was needed and just about completed a full kitchen gut and renovation.

The next year doesn’t hold as much fun or excitement but I hope we still can get some great projects done. We need to clean out our yard, repaint the house since it was done very poorly, insulate the attic, finish ceiling plaster repairs and although it’s not a lot of money it’s a ton of sweat equity!

I can foresee that this will take the most of our time and I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes so long we don’t get it all done this year. So Happy almost 1 Year anniversary, house! You’ve proven to be a bit of a money pit right now but we couldn’t be happier.

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2 Responses to When is done? and 1 year home anniversary..

  1. John says:

    Hey guys, thought you might like to look at the pictures of our progress so far. I think we are about a month into this, maybe more. Seems like eons to me, but it is coming together pretty well. Here’s the link:


    Talk to you soon,

  2. Irene says:

    John!!! I love it! What a fabulous job… I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing… how old is your house? After seeing where you’ve been stashing everything around your house, I can see it has some character (love!). I am looking forward to more 🙂 We still need to do the backsplash and we finally decided on the shelving measurements and look.

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