Final inspection

It was Paul’s every other Friday off so he scheduled the final inspection with the township and picked up our tiles. We passed!!

It wasn’t without incident though. Remember when we called the township about what we needed for permits, inspections, etc? I thought it was weird they only needed to do a final inspection for plumbing, well, turns out we were suppose to have a rough-in inspection, too. I even had Paul call the office a second time because it didn’t sound right. Paul made his case with the inspector, showed him some pictures (thankfully, we took photos of everything) and it wasn’t a problem. Our only real change was a vent, otherwise I don’t know if we would have gotten off so easily. It was short, he only took a look in the basement and made a comment about how fancy our range hood was since it really vented outside (he doesn’t see that too much anymore, apparently). We didn’t get a sticker or anything but we’ll get some paperwork we’ll put with the rest of our house stuff for the future owners of our place.

After that, Paul picked up our tiles at Mohawk. We have a single corner tile that didn’t make it so we’ll have to go back for that sometime. I thought the tile we were buying was made here in the USA but it all is stamped Spain. That was a bit of a bummer for me but it is nice tile.

The beveled tile, chair rail and pencil bullnose

This weekend we’ll be doing some molding work. We picked up a miter saw from my coworker Steve on Thursday night. Thanks, Steve for letting us use your tools! We’ll have to go back to get his tablesaw to rip a piece off another molding to use with the leftovers in the attic.

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2 Responses to Final inspection

  1. Olena says:

    What brand is that pencil bullnose?

  2. Irene says:

    The brand is Cobsa. We got it from a tile store, the brand isn’t carried at any big box stores so I’d imagine you’d need to call around.

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