We found a buffet!

This is another long overdue post but I found a buffet on Craiglist! I have been stalking Craiglist for a few months now looking for a buffet to go in our kitchen for our coffee/baking station. I found a few I loved but no one ever returned my call or email. Then there were so many that were 6 feet in length so just too long and some were over priced. I got this lovely for $100 a few days before Thanksgiving. She needs a bit of wood putty on 2 of the large drawers but she is mostly in beautiful shape. The owner inherited a set from her mother so it’s atleast 50years old.

I’ll figure out if I want to strip and re-stain after we’ve lived with it for the rest of the winter. Hopefully I can figure out what hardware I want to buy for it too.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Oh how beautiful! I just love your kitchen renovation and the buffet along with your other choices just make it. Fabulous!!!

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