All the small things

With all the appliances now in, we have a bunch of small things left. Well one big thing, the backsplash. Friday, I put in our order for the beveled subway tile Irene picked out. The company is Cobsa and it’s made here in the USA. Irene originally was going to go with Lanka (less money), which Mohawk Tile in King of Prussia carries, but this was whiter and had more choices for chair rails and bull nose.

Last Wednesday was the night I re-did the undersink plumbing. That was also the night my new LED driver came. I called up Elemental LED to complain and get some answers after receiving two drivers that caused my lights to blink. They explained that they have more quality issues with the “mini” drivers, which is what I bought. They offered to send me a 20W driver, which is a more robust design, for free to make things right. Of course I accepted. So Wednesday night I swapped that out and then left the lights on for an hour. No blinking this time!
LED Lights on and solved

Thursday night I installed our slide out trashcan under the sink.
Installing slide out trashcan
Slide out trash can installed
I guess it was an easy night. It’s inconceivable that that’s all I did, but I can’t recall anything else.

Friday, besides ordering our tile, I scheduled our final electrical inspection with the third party inspector! That will be happening Monday. I took some unused plumbing parts back to Lowes. I cut a piece of wood to go to the left of the dishwasher. That just needs to get primed and painted before I mount it up.

Next up was working on trimming out the windows. I first removed the rest of the trim from the window behind the sink. Then I added some insulation around the window. This should have been done when the windows were installed but I guess the company that was used didn’t care about doing a good job. Sadly I’m sure all the rest of the windows in the house don’t have insulation either. One more project to add to our list.
Window insulation

Don’t mind our two Grow Pals on the window sill. That is kind of a gag gift from our friend Jenny for Hanukkah . See Jenny, we really did put them in water.

Saturday and Sunday no work really got done. Saturday night we attended a friends wedding. Sunday we had brunch with some friends and then I spent the rest of the day catching up on yardwork that I have been neglecting. Irene decorated inside for Christmas, then we threw some lights on the house Sunday night.

We did take one trip to Lowes so I could buy the wood to create the window jambs. Sadly they don’t carry the size I want, a 3/8″ or 1/2″ x 8″ wide select pine. They didn’t have that size in oak or poplar either. I’m going to call a local lumberyard tomorrow (Monday) to see if I can get that size and how bad the price is. My other options are to make the jambs out of plywood (don’t know how it will look when painted) or use 1×8.

So our to-do list looks like this:

  • Paint and install trim to left of dishwasher.
  • Trim out windows.
  • Install base trim.
  • Install crown molding.
  • Paint all that trim.
  • Install the backsplash.
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