This is our blog dedicated to our Kitchen Renovation. We bought our 1940’s Cape Cod style house, our first home, in January 2010. We had an inspection and while it found a lot of important issues, we failed to look into each and every cabinet (I think you know where this is going…). The cabinets had holes that had no real functional purpose since they didn’t line up.

Fast forward to moving day. My family came to help us clean and move everything in. We took out all the drawers, cleaned and lined with cork. My sister was cleaning the upper cabinets (the small ones) and that’s when we found mold at the corner of the house. Further investigation into the attic revealed that it was probably a leak in the roof and probably why was replaced in 2005. 

I turned to the internet and searched about mold and the holes in our cabinetry and they were a way to try and salvage the kitchen cabinets – super! To top it off, most of the reviews said this doesn’t work. I cleaned them with soap and water and used Mold Control spray (bleach is not necessarily recommended, it can be more toxic to the person using it since you are working in small spaces).

Now it’s summer 2010… Musty smells are present and I just can’t work in our kitchen without feeling that this isn’t good for our health or my sanity. I also can’t use all the cabinets. DampRid really helped but I won’t use all the cabinets so they need to go. We had hoped we’d get 3 more years out of these 50+ year cabinets so we could build a master suite upstairs (another DIY project) but I couldn’t do it. We haven’t had more mold develop but who knows what we’ll uncover once we take down the walls and cabinetry.

Now we’re doing a kitchen renovation that we had hoped we’d be able to save for over the years and be able to spend more on materials. What is our budget now??? $8,000. This includes new floor, new walls, new cabinets, new electrical, new plumbing (staying in the same spot, no pot filler over the oven), new counter top, new lighting, in wall heater, a dishwasher and plenty of functionality. We’ve priced out everything and we’re cutting it close. Follow us on our journey to see how we can make this budget stretch and still have a kitchen that will last.

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  1. jorge says:

    OMG i had no idea you had a blog… this is AWESOME… you and paul have done soo much work..GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Irene says:

    perfect timing though, we’ll have before and afters soon.. 2 more projects, open shelving and backsplash.

  3. Javier says:

    Sorry, but Cobsa USA do not manufacture any tile.
    Cobsa is a factory in Spain wich distribution in USA is made by Cancos Tile
    under the name of Cobsa USA

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